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16 June
Version: 3.12
GCC d-(--) s:(+) a->+++ C++(+++) UL P+>++ L++ E--- W+++(--) N+ o K- w(--)
O- M- V? PS++ PE- Y+ PGP t+ !5 X R tv+ b+(++) DI+ D+ G e h--- r+++ y+++
decode geekcode
(((stereofect))), ad noiseam, ad&d, akai, ambient, ambientlive, analog synthesizers, ant-zen, aphex twin, armada, autechre, autobots, beefcake, bigbeat, blogshares, boards of canada, braindance, breakbeat, breedster, celluloid mata, chemical brothers, code, coding, coffee, coldplay, cybertron, databases, death of a dictionary, decepticons, deus, diku, dr. pepper, dream long dead, dreamwave, dreamwave productions, drizzt, drukqs, dune, dvd, dynamic comic, ekko, electronic music world, electronicscene, eminem, escape from colditz, eurobilltracker, exoskeleton, experimental music, fantasy, fc utrecht, forgotten realms, four songs, freshmeat, games, geek, geekcode, geogaddi, goem, hacking, hattrick, house, hymen, idm, imminent starvation, incarnation, independant labels, industrial, interzone, kde, konquerer, laidback electronica, linux, live, ljmaps_skoop, lord of the rings, magic, mediocre, mediocre dynamic comic, megatron, mental jewelry, middle earth, middle-earth, monopoly, mozilla, mp3, mud, murcof, music, mysql, noise, nokia, nokiagame, on, open source, optimus prime, orbital, php, pokemon, programming, r.a. salvatore, radiohead, rephlex, rephlex disco assault system, richard d james, risk, rm1x, robots in disguise, s3000xl, sampler, scorn, scripts, secret samadhi, selected ambient works, sidhartha, skam, slashdot, somatic responses, sparkplug, spike, spirit folio, synthesizer, sysadmin, tearsong, techno, the [law-rah] collective, the hobbit, thinkgeek, throwing copper, tolkien, transformers, twoism, ultra milkmaids, unsigned-bands.com, userfriendly, userfriendly.org, v, vacuum, venetian snares, vinyl, virtual analog, warcraft, warcraft iii, warp, warp records, webprogramming, woudenberg, yamaha