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Current Music:c_drive - for the love of the wounded
Subject:oh and...
Time:04:00 pm
my writing are being continued (and have been for a while) overhere.
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Current Music:Shalmaneser - Son Of Slipstick
Subject:Artists Support Asia - A Call For Help
Time:11:49 am
Artists Support Asia - A Call For Help

By now, everyone will know of what happened in Asia. An earthquake followed by tsunamis has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of wounded people and millions of homeless. Now, two days after it happening, help is getting started. And those organisations involved in this need our help. They need money to buy food and whatever other material that is necessary to help people.

Artists Support Asia is calling out for artists to help in their own way. Donate a track, one of your old tracks, one of your unreleased new tracks, or a track especially written for this project, to Artists Support Asia. We will be compiling these tracks into compilation cd-r's and sell them. All proceeds will be donated to the International Red Cross.

Artists! Want to help out? Join us now! Go to http://www.artistssupportasia.org/forum/ to show your interest in joining this project. Let's make a statement! Let's tell the world that independant artists can also show they care! Let's raise money to help all those affected by this terrible disaster.
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Current Music:The Alan Parsons Project - Silence And I
Subject:Artists Support Enschede
Time:09:30 am
Na de ontploffing van de vuurwerkopslag in Enschede kwamen een aantal mooie initiatieven van de grond. Het was de tijd van MP3.com's hoogtijdagen en de electronische community op die site was hecht. Dus, toen ik met het idee kwam om een serie verzamel-cd's via MP3.com te maken waarvan het geld ten goede kwam aan de slachtoffers van de ramp in Enschede, waren er meteen veel mensen die hier direct ja op zeiden.

En zo kwam het dat het project Artists Support Enschede werd gestart. We hebben uiteindelijk ruim 1000 dollar weten op te halen voor dit goede doel. Ik was er erg blij mee. Het was een mooi project, en het heeft 4 fantastische verzamel-cd's opgeleverd, waarvan ik er helaas zelf nog maar drie heb. Dit is er een van.

Nu de ramp in Azië al even weg is, en de resultaten van de vernietiging duidelijk worden, en de hulporganisaties beginnen te roepen om hulp, begint het bij mij weer te kriebelen. Helaas is MP3.com niet meer, en is er dus niet meer een makkelijke manier om cd's aan de man te brengen voor het goede doel. Ik moet dus iets anders gaan bedenken.

Kent iemand hier een bedrijf die interesse zou hebben om de initiële kosten van een cd persing te dekken voor het goede doel? Graag zou ik weer zo'n mooi project krijgen waarbij muziek de ondersteuning wordt van zo'n ramp. Op die manier kan ik namelijk goed bijdragen. Weet je iets? Mail me even!!!!!!
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Current Music:dj BC and The Beastles - Whatcha Want, Lady?
Time:04:20 pm
The Beastles
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Time:10:18 pm
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Current Music:Dal Kag - Kurtz
Time:05:36 pm
ok, behind the cut are some pics of the new TFs that arrived earlier this week, and my collection.

transform, and roll out!Collapse )
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Current Music:Keef Baker - Daffodil Particle
Time:04:31 pm
Current Mood:gigglygiggly
Hi Stefan,

We would like to inform you that the following items have been sent to:

Stefan Koopmanschap

using dpd.

See list below for more details.

This completes your order.

Thank you for shopping at Archonia.com

The Archonia Team

Order details:
Item Unit Price Qty Price Status
Robot master Transformer RM-12 Starscream Action figure
Super Link Transformer SD-19 Night scream Super mode
Super Link Transformer SC-26 Superion
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Current Music:Another Electronic Musician - Decompose
Time:10:54 am
en:peg. quality music.

go. buy. download.
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Current Music:Fugees - Fu-Gee-La
Subject:top tracks
Time:04:01 pm
It's funny how my top tracks list at AudioScrobbler gives a very good insight into my actual musical taste:

1 Live - Lightning Crashes
2 Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You
3 R.E.M. - Bad Day
4 Live - All Over You
5 Live - Selling The Drama
6 Stefan Koopmanschap - b
7 SL 2 - On A Ragga Tip
8 U2 - Discothèque (Hexidecimal Mix)
9 Live - Supernatural
10 Live - Run Away
11 Nirvana - Sliver
12 VladC2004 - Source Trees of Death
13 Boards of Canada - Open The Light
14 Nirvana - About A Girl
15 The Doors - I Can't See Your Face In My Mind
16 Eminem - Drips
17 Howard Shore - Ash and Smoke
18 Dido - My Life
19 Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
20 Alicia Keys - Samsonite Man
21 kratarknathrak - Cruising With Dr Phlox
22 Live - Dealing Dreams
23 Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes
24 Rod Stewart - Maggie May
25 Live - Nobody Knows
26 Daft Punk - Digital Love
27 Howard Shore - May It Be (Composed & Performed by Enya)
28 Sense (S.O.U.) - Flutes
29 Nirvana - Polly
30 Overdog - Fuck You Up
31 Coldplay - The Scientist
32 Alicia Keys - Harlem's Nocturne
33 Alicia Keys - When You Really Love Someone
34 Live - White, Discussion
35 Live - Forever May Not Be Long Enough
36 p u l s a r - figment of imagination (irresistable arrows remix)
37 Live - Pillar Of Davidson
38 Eels - Fucker
39 Eminem - Hailie's Song
40 Live - I Alone
41 David Bowie - China Girl
42 U2 - Lemon (Jeep Mix)
43 Alicia Keys - If I Was Your Woman/Walk On By
44 The Verve - On Your Own
45 Live - Like I Do
46 Dennis Desantis - On The Gripping Hand (Paul's Losing His Grip Mix)
47 Weezer - Surf Wax America (Live)
48 Scala - God in my bed
49 Alicia Keys - Nobody Not Really
50 Howard Shore - Lothlorien
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Current Music:Eminem - Amityville (feat. Bizarre)
Time:01:48 pm
Terror Alert Level
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[icon] Skoop
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View:Website (stefankoopmanschap.com).
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